Tiny Shirt 2

Time for a reality check--looks good so far:

Now it's time to put in the underarm gussets. These are a pain to put in, but necessary--modern sleeves have larger curved arm opening and sloped sleeve caps to do what the gusset is engineered to do. As obnoxious as the gusset is to put in (and I always have to hand-stitch them in) they really are useful. They are a spot that get stained (though not as badly as modern t-shirts stain, because no one used to wear alum-containing underarm deodorant, which is an awesome color fixative for dyes...and stains), anyway, you can put in a new gusset if the shirt gets too funky there. (J used to get rust stains from armor). I also plan to make a separate collar and whipstitch it on-- partly because I suck at making collars, but I would do it that way for a human, too, since the collar is the other place that gets stained.

More on the shirt--sleeve cuff ruffles. I say just go buy some lace instead, this was a pain.:

So far, so good. Could have been knee-length, though.


I found out that the ants were back. In the cat food.

Farkin' ants.

And here, Godzilla and friends plan to visit the Volks store in Tokyo:

Photo stolen from reddit, created by "Arainya"