Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow in February

The news was agog with the fact that there was snow in the Northeast in February, which is like saying water is wet. My friend Tery, who went to school in Albany and once had to clear her car windshield with a credit card, wrote to me:

"At work we discussed this new fad of naming snowstorms and decided that next year they should use only stripper names. Our list so far: Amber, Bambi, Candy, Destiny, Foxxi, Gigi, Honey, Ice, Jade, Krystal, Nikki, Opal. Obviously, we're having trouble with some of the letters. Personally, I was pulling for EZ for the "e" name."

You can tell she once worked for a newspaper, too--all the names fit well in a small space for a headline.

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