Soom's "Beauty"

Soom has put up "Beauty" to go with the fabulous Beast. I put here here because she has heel feet...which solves the Horribly Expensive Shoe Problem.(You can get someone to trade you a Beryl head before they will give up a good pair of boots). Beauty comes with regular SG flat feet too-- I think the heel feet hook on like fantasy legs do, at the knee. She also comes with a super cute outfit...for 199.00. I have not much interest in her besides her awesome heel feets--she looks like a lot of the Luts and other bjd companies "sweet girl" faces, and I like the more quirky ones. (Gneiss was my token cutie pie, and she at least came with snakes to cut the sugar content.) Her price is 559.50 USD but you will want the 20.00 extra pose legs, so just plan that now. Her order period is Feb 6th through the 20th. (Surprisingly short).

Soom's Beauty sales link