Tiny Shirt

Since I am waiting for my finger to fix itself (the cut is exactly where I put the back end of the needle for hand sewing) I thought I would cut out a rectangular construction shirt for my Doll In Mind Elf head, which is sitting on a Dollzone 72 cm body. I was basing it on what I remember of Folkwear's Missouri River Boatman's shirt, without the neck gussets. I discovered right away that I need to make the front of the shirt open all the way down, because the human version of this shirt doesn't need room to go around Giant Elf Ears and a Buff faceup that I love.

"You're going to pull that over my head??"

Be sure to try this with junk fabric first. You can cut the front and back longer, too--since this is a boy doll the front and back pieces can be the same length, but a busty girl doll would need a longer front piece and you would need to play with the sleeve placement as well (maybe moving them down to the edge of the yoke in front.) I use bias tape for cuff facings, though for this one I may cut a strip of the same cotton and use that instead. I am also going to make slightly fancier 2 part cuffs with lace than the simple cuffs that are on here.

When I get more done, I will take more photos so you can see how it goes together. This time each of the boxes on the paper = 1 centimeter. More pics on

Tiny Shirt 2