Monday, August 5, 2013

A Cat, Grapes and a Feral Petunia

Stripey, pretending to be The Most Interesting Cat in the World (though she doesn't drink beer).

Grapes--we has them. Lots of them--sadly, I think they are wine grapes, they are sour and green-tasting and not even the birds seem to eat them, though the Japanese Beetles are Heck Yeah about the leaves. They are pretty, though!

And a feral petunia..I had a basket hanging up over that spot last year. I keep trying with petunias--I love them when they are dry and healthy, but when it rains they collapse, they smell funny and they hate me--a week after I get them home from wherever I bought them, they get weird and leggy and yellow, and no amount of coaxing and fertilizer will bring them back. It looks like maybe I should get seed and sow them directly in the dirt instead. Also the small ones seem hardier. I'd love to get a batch of them to actually grow and be happy!

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