Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caveman and Cats

Once more I have been rummaging through Party City for wigs--I'm really looking forward to the opening of various Halloween Stores, because it will be wiga-palooza then! This one ("The Crazy Caveman") I grabbed not for the cheesy skull beads (a weird omake) but for the two-toned wild and wooly look. I want to make a small wig for my Granado Terra out of it, but there is so much, I though I would experiment with making a wig for my Soom Galena as well. Serendipity has plenty of neat, controlled wigs but sometimes a faun needs to be able to run wild. So here is the WIP:

I don't like the trim on the front, I am going to make some paperclay helmet thing to edge it instead. On this wig I kept the mesh from the original wig and just cut out a small section of the larger wig and added darts in the back. The weirdest spot is underneath, but doesn't show, and I have some small braids back there also concealing bare spots--it's still "big", but I am getting a little more clever at managing bulk. My next one will be much better. :D

Here are a few cat pix too--the good weather means they have been spending a lot of time outside, exploring the yard. The gray cat brought me a mouse for breakfast in bed this morning--luckily J was still here and heard me screech and took care of it, though I need to vacuum the bedroom and change the sheets where the vile mouse touched them. Mice are disgusting.

Stripey in the woodpile:

And the gray cat checks out an airplane:

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