Fake Infrared and a Fake Bee

I've wanted to try doing some infrared photography for ages, but I haven't gotten around to either hacking a digital camera to do it or buying the film online for my old SLR camera. I did try with my snapshot camera--I made a filter out of a black plastic garbage bag (which is transparent to IR, apparently, while blocking a lot of visible light), and rubber banded it to the lens, forgetting that the lens extends automatically when it is turned on, so hilarity ensued when I turned it on. After replacing the "filter" and finding a makeshift tripod, I discovered that I can't set the exposure on this camera, at least not without the long vanished instruction manual..there was no menu setting for it that I could find. So I gave up and just took a regular photo into Photoshop. But it just isn't the same.

I also took a normal photo of some kind of cute fly on the black-eyed Susans--I figured it was a fly as it was not fuzzy--the real bees now have their (furry) legs covered with pollen by the time they get to the Susans:

He looks very sporty, though!