Morning Glories

I like growing morning glories--for one thing, they are basically a weed. Sandy soil, heavy clay, strange industrial's all good. I've even grown them in New Jersey, where we had so much shade you couldn't see the house on Google Satellite for the trees. But the soil here is clay, so heavy that if it has been dry for a while, you'd have trouble getting a pickaxe into the dirt; so I wasn't too sure how well the morning glories would grow. So I just bought one pack of seeds from the hardware store, soaked them overnight and poked them into various parts of the yard, hoping they would come up. They did:

That is one plant.

(Two plants, this time.)

This one I have had to take scissor to so it won't eat the sage or the marigolds...

So far, only the first one I planted (in a planter) has bloomed, possibly because it got scorched by the barbeque, which it was trying to overwhelm. All this green and flowers...for only 1.25! I wonder what would happen if I bought two packs next year?


  1. Wow, maybe I should try morning glories...

    We have them growing all over as weeds though--with white flowers, very pretty in shady spots. They're actually overwhelming the buttercups, which in turn had been eating the clover... o_O I feel like I'm watching the history of mankind played out by weeds.

    What bums me out is that the morning glories also took over a massive bank of horsetails, killing the Paleozoic look with their leafy viny-ness. :P Ah well. Such is life.

  2. I like the wild ones, but they are..vigorous! The horsetails sound awesome--I hope you had photos.


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