The red tentacle wig

This is the first time I have tried using roving instead of wefts to make a wig. In many ways it is a lot easier, though partly that is because I just smoothed out a big hank of wool and tacked it onto the wig cap I had made out of an old T shirt. Then I braided parts of it and just twirled and stitched other parts. It is easy to get Dr. Seuss hairdos with it, and it feels nice (I like wool anyway). Here is the front:

The "fringe" is just that--the edge of the roving sticking out rather inelegantly. I still had fun making little spikes. The trim covers the edge of the wig cap that would be visible otherwise. And yes--that is a Soom Beryl head on an Impldoll random body...not my old Love Me or Die Beryl (the name of that release makes me laugh) but a Free Choice Beryl that I am 98% sure is an actual FC Beryl--the resin matches perfectly my FC body, and even Soom has a hard time matching resins batch to batch. I also know some of it's history and where the original body is, so that helps (apparently the certificate went with the body, not that a certificate is a guarantee anymore--I saw a bootleg site with "certificates" that were just like the real ones.) Soom needs to start microchipping their dolls, or dating them on the resin, or something.