Soom Free Choice Beryl

Yep, there she is--a full hoofie Beryl, thanks to some trading, some luck and some kindness on the part of Marketplace sellers. The horns are from something else...I think a Soom boy but I don't know which one. I like them better than Beryl's defaults, though. I did glue one magnet in backwards late last night, and then had to pull it out with acetone, an exacto and a second neodymimum magnet. There is nothing more exciting than a Gorilla-glue covered flying neodymium magnet, except maybe an errant Roman Candle. Here's the full body--she has some tattoos but I wanted to keep the photos Safe For Work:

And here are her feet--I did make a mistake when I put on the matte medium base-- I didn't keep my brushstrokes going in the direction the hairs would grow, so it shows when the light reflects at a certain angle. The second hoof came out fine.

I did hot glue suede her, and I used real suede on the base of her hooves and between the hoof and the hock. I need to make a storage case for her now, I don't have a box for her and she is too tall to fit in the doll closet! I'm really looking forward to making her props and clothes--she'll be a fantasy shaman.