Friday, August 23, 2013

Change in the Addiction Claude

Iplehouse posted an update on their website; pictures are "forthcoming":

First, we checked all the messages and opinions you left us and wanted to thank you all for taking time and effort to share your opinion with us.

When our sculptor designed Demon version Claude with horns, he wanted to try a new creative attempt and wanted to make it very realistic unlike other dolls. Since we always support on trying new things, we supported his artistic decision. But it looks like it may have been too soon or too realistic.

Once again we want to thank all the customers who understood and supported out intention and we will keep on trying new experiments in the future too. Also we want to say thanks to all the customers who have taken time and effort to share their opinion with us too. These kinds of ideas are a lighthouse which shows the way we should be heading.

Since many customers have asked us to release Claude Vampire head as an option, we decided to release additional version of head as a vampire head. We designed current fantasy version as a demon. This is why he has a horn in his forehead.

In case of new vampire head, we will remove the horn in the forehead so he will have a smooth forehead without any mark. So you cannot attach the horn on the forehead. We designed the horn to fit only on demon head so it won’t fit on new fantasy head.

Also, since a lot of customers already have a human version Claude we decided to offer fantasy version Claude separately. So you can only order demon version or vampire version Claude without human version Claude.

Please understand that it is hard to offer all three type of heads because of management difficulties. Once again thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions with us and we will give careful attention to your opinions as always. So please do not hesitate to share any kind of opinion with us.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! 

I can picture the poor Iplehouse sculptor, head in hands--people did not like the "Broken horn" head because it limited what character they could use it for (it had to be a "guy with a broken horn"), though it was quite gorgeous, IMO. (I tend to be a "buy the doll first, make up a story later" kind of collector). Anyway, since there are no pictures yet, I will share the sequel to the "Cat wants to buy a boat" meme:

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