Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cooking Instructions

If you like brownies, get the Ghiradelli box--they are so much better than the Betty Crocker or the Duncan Hines. (None of which are bad; I mean, we are talking brownies here)


  1. I love the Ghiradelli box. *___* Duncan Hines are probably my least favorite, but yeah. Brownies.

    Screw the instructions--who follows them anyway? Just shove them in my mouth!

    And get burned fingers. WORTH IT.

    We're supposed to make Rice Krispies Treats tonight... I think the plans should change to brownies.

  2. Rice Krispie treats fail on the basis of "no chocolate". All the sweets I like have chocolate involved somehow. And yes, I will even eat Duncan Hines if there is something resembling chocolate in there. I will even eat those candelicious little wax donuts they have at the counter of convenience stores if there is nothing else. :D Have fun though!


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