Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shane Gray

Rumor has it that Iplehouse is thinking of adding "Gray" to the list of resins available in their Custom Doll System. It's just a rumor, but a fun one--during the first fifteen days of the month right now, you can do a "mix and Match" of heads and bodies with your choice of resins of (this is from memory, so I may miss one or two) White, Normal, Peach Gold,Realskin, Light Tan, and Ebony. Because I had Photoshop open anyway I took a few minutes and decolorized 3 random Iplehouse dolls, ones that just happen to be ones I am interested in :D. Here is Ashanti, who looks stunning in anything:

A gray Stella:

And a gray Soo:

The real dolls (assuming Iplehouse does add gray) will look much better since the makeup will be adjusted to fit the gray, instead of me fooling with sliders in Pshop.

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