Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Sold" Dolls

Of all these, only 6 are still here. The next set are all sold or given as gifts:

And this last photo is like "The Photo of Fail":

Except for the Souldoll Irene on the left, it wasn't the dolls fault; they were just too small for me. Irene, on the other hand, was the weirdest little thing ever. With a wig she is pretty cute, and with the right faceup she can be great (Buff got her and made a geisha out of her, and she looked fab.) But her eyes are mismatched, and in person her little smile looks like she is high as a kite, and her head is an..unusual..shape. Then there was the body. It was sold to me as a White Skin, which if you did not have another Souldoll to compare you would totally agree with--but it turns out Irene wasn't just white, she was Mighty White. And the neck is about a centimeter too long--and it's her own body. I have no idea what Souldoll was thinking at the time. So then I compunded the idiocy by trying to buy a Hong Ryeon in Normal Skin to put on the supposedly Normal body..and then when I had Hong Ryeon "in hand", she was not only a tiny little turnip head..she was normal colored, and didn't match the body at all, and looked even goofier on it than Irene did. So I packed the lot of them off to their respective new homes, and haven't looked at Souldoll until about a week ago, when I realized that it was no longer 2009 and they had come out with a few new dolls since then. Taller ones, too,

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