Solarsenshi Paints Soom's Sweet Witch

Solarsenshi painted up her own Soom Sweet Witch; and I think this is how the default paint should have been-- Irene filled out the Witch's lips in a more natural way, and now you can see how pretty the sculpt is. The original default painting was cute, but more like "Miss Korea" than a style that really flattered the sculpt's shape, and I think Irene made her look amazing. There are more photos of the Sweet Witch here:

Caketown is always worth a visit, though sometimes it makes me want to go find or make cookies. :D


  1. Thanks so much for featuring her! :D haha, I hope to see more of this girl out there. To be honest I think her default face-up didn't do her very much justice.

  2. I really liked how you styled her--I think she has so much potential but I haven't seen too many owner photos yet--Marismg on Den of Angels has a grey one that is cute, and that is all I have seen so far! Thank you for sharing her! :D


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