Iplehouse Claude Vampire..Girl

A slightly tweaked version of a quick paintover I posted at Den of Angels--with Claude painted up as a girl. He's pretty cute. The problem is that if you order him in gray, you will never find a female body the right size (the SID neckhole is BIG), and he fits ..almost...on the Iplehouse EID girl but as I recall he looks ...odd. And of course you had better have gotten NS or WS to make this work. On the other hand the big Angelsdoll girl body in NS just might work if you filled up the neck hole a bit.


  1. I knew Claude looked like a sissy boy and here's proof! And having the extra head is why I got my Bianca in white....

  2. LOL Probably because he has large eyes and a relatively small mouth (which I made smaller still here with paint) He still has that giveaway big neck here though ;)
    Bianca is such a great size...and that WS matches all kinds of resin. I'm really looking forward to seeing more shipped!

  3. I realize that it's a little late, but I just tried vamp!Claude on one of my EID girl bodies, and he actually doesn't look half-bad! With the right face-up, he could be a strong-boned woman -- he's not "pretty," but he's striking. :)

    1. OOo I'd love to see a picture! I bet he looks pretty neat! How's the neck fit?


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