Celebrate Everything

It was another gorgeous day--we did chores, yard work, and then went to Naperville "to find some chocolate" and look at the river. It was a perfect day for an outdoor event. Here the celebrants opted for comfortable shoes, though there still was the challenge of keeping them tied, putting a new meaning on "tying the knot".

Earlier in Downers Grove, the garden next to the condo complex was bigger than ever...fifteen foot tall sunflowers, eight foot tall hollyhocks. I'd love to know what is in that dirt!

The produce at the Farmer's Market also looked splendid:

And in Naperville, at Le Chocolat they decided to have fun with the supply pipes;

... though J though the white pipe should say "Marshmallow" on it. I had the best Rocky Road sundae there I have ever had, so we skipped dinner entirely. I am going to miss summer!