Sunday, August 11, 2013

Granado V04

I have wanted an Alice doll, as in Alice in Wonderland, for a couple of years..every doll company has an Alice, but they never looked "right" to me. Soom's Alice was cute, but I could not justify another Migma, even a "dreaming" Migma. What I really wanted, was a Granado V04, a little special event head that you can only get when Crocus Lee decides it's time for a party and re-releases a few V-04 heads to regular customers. It's a squeeably cute head. And there was one on the Den of Angels Marketplace; it looked like this:

I had no problem with this faceup, I know that Chibi_Fluffy, who has more dolls than I have, and for longer, knows her stuff and that the black and gold faceup was over a normal base of Mister Super Clear so it could be removed without a hassle, though the inside of the lips is always a challenge to clear. What I had a problem with... was that Chibi also knows her stuff, and what that little head was worth, so it was priced correctly. Sigh. So the waiting began. Chibi did finally mark it down a little, tired of keeping the post up to date, but then I caved in and bought it. It arrived yesterday. In person the black and gold faceup was very cool, but I resisted the temptation to put in gold eyelashes (which I had) and matching gold eyes, because that would have meant a whole new body. So off came the interesting faceup and my own "just ok" face went on instead, but she is adorable anyway. The dress is by Idemo and really belongs to Gneiss; but since Gneiss has three dresses, I felt that she could spare one for Alice.

Now all she needs is a plush version of this guy:

Though, since I am growing tomatoes, we may get some puki-sized versions of him in the garden for Alice to play with.


  1. Baw! She's so cute! I love her lips. :D Congrats on your new doll head!

    It's a pity the black and gold faceup had to go, but Alice <3

  2. Thank you! Yes, the black and gold was pretty awesome, but finding a matching body would have been such a pain...and yes, Alice is way more fun.:D


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