The Battle of the Nile

I've been repainting the walls of the hall--the wall paint was in bad shape from having people drag furniture in and out of the house, and replacing the thermostat.

The striping of gloss and plain paint looks goofy here, but in person it was cool, just darker than I wanted. I'm now painting the walls Ivory White and then I will hang up some framed art.

J , normally the "sane" member of the household, had a different suggestion: paint "The Battle of the Nile" on the hall wall. I said I wasn't going to do it because our realtor would have a cow and I would have to paint over it... but really it was because the Battle of Aboukir Bay happened mostly at night, so it would be too dark for the hallway.

The illustration at the top was painted by Thos. Luny, early 19th century.