I Move A Table With My Foot

Amazingly, nothing broke, not even the plastic cover on the LED lightbulb.

In the meantime, Stripey amuses herself in another room.

And I did another Dawn promo render, this time for Fabiana's Oriana for Dawn, with a Danie and Marforno sun prop in back and in her hand.

I did get more done on my current cover, bagged up 4 bags of leaves, laundry,and dishes; and J moved the mushroom compost bag out of the garden.


  1. Darn, woman, even the composition of your messes are artistic. ^_^ Is the table a tray on a platform? or a total loss? It's so pretty.

    Cats and their eternal quest to understand this whole toilet paper, flush thing.

    1. The table has little folding legs, and one of them wasn't locked open. I should have cleaned it off before I tried to move it :D. Stripey enjoys toilet paper, but her brother used to just rip it into confetti right away and drag it down the hall, *everywhere*. Stripey plays with it more sedately.


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