Cutlery From Michaels

This afternoon I went to Michael's Craft and Floral "just for a tube of yellow ochre paint". I did get the paint, but I also got 72.00 of other rubbish; including a tiny birdcage, some scissors that cut scallops, two doll clothes boxes, some tiny bottles..and two sets of flatware, in perfect scale. They are Cutlery-Antique sku74427126841 in the Scrapbooking section. You can also get them online from but I am pretty sure they were cheaper at Michaels, and there was no shipping, either.


  1. Seriously need lots of butter knives for my Sebastian! This is awesome-ness
    The fake food is coming out fantastic!

    1. Thanks! Paperclay is just the bomb for any kind of dough product. (My oranges are looking a little shifty, though--I might have to redo them in sculpey..they are sort of blobby.) I love how easy paperclay is to clean up, and it's nice to paint.


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