Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Mannequin Store

From a link off James Gurney's blog (see sidebar) I found The Mannequin Store, where for the price of a Mini Super Dollfie you can get a posable 1:1 ball-jointed doll. :o The head sculpts are a bit limited, and my favorite, the Sorayama-esque silver cyborg girl, has limited posing; though some modding might fix that. The description cheerily notes:

Children's clothing retailers love the ability to bend and pose the poseable child size mannequins any way they like, to reflect the active lifestyles of real children. Crime scene reenactments, crash tests, safety testing and forensics also use flexible mannequins to illustrate realistic motions and postures. Museums enjoy displaying period clothing and lifestyle poses not found in fiberglass mannequins.

For the sitting mannequins, the copy says:

These sitting mannequins cannot stand up, but are able to be posed in many positions for driving, working at a keyboard, or handling props.

Bwahaha the HOV lanes are MINE! And how about Sexy Vanessa for your receptionist? (You probably already have a robot phone tree, yes, I am looking at you, Comcast.) Then there is Doug the Cubicle Buddy, who can toil away while you go outside for a smoke.

The prices are awesome--I don't really have room for one (Mr. Roboto says "They are bigger than I am!")

Also, I have Poser, which works too, though it is less good at handling light than something life sized in natural light, and suffers from things like having feet go through the floor, and no gravity to affect body parts. On the other hand, the Poser people store very flat.

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