Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mitsuwa Feb Meetup

As usual, I was a complete fail at taking notes. And there were a LOT of dolls, it was Tiny Temptation everywhere. (It's hard not to just stand around squeeing, everyone is so cute.) And yes, there were two Luts Centaurs, which are not only a reasonable size, but are beautifully jointed, too.

These are some of Gherkin's kids; I sympathize with wanting to bundle up like "Kenny" there in the front (I am sure that is not his real name, but that seems to be his default outfit, and pretty much what I have been wearing since November). In fact, there were a lot of sweaters and jackets all around the table, all in tiny size!

The photo is a little blurry, but you can see the gorgeous red jacket on the right--I would love to have that in my size!

More of Gherkin's dolls, with the lime green mohair wig in the back belonging to Akutenshi7's Coquina, whose Gaelic name is not on her Profile List, and no way can I spell it from memory.:D Anyway, Akutenshi made that wig from a tutorial on AntiqueLilac's blog and it looks and fits beautifully (Akutenshi is a skillful seamstress, which also helps)

One of the tiny strawberries on a's a good size for a small doll, it may be too small for my big guys, but we'll see.

A cat, a cutie and a planthro..I am not sure if that is one of the Souldoll specials, an Elfdoll whimsey, or a Dollzone tiny, but whatever it is, it's cute!

Another kitty sweetie--when they come out, I try very hard not to look at them so that I don't buy them--I think they are adorable.

A DollZone Stramonium in a gorgeous, gorgeous outfit--and for some reason this is the second Stramonium I have seen with cat/dragon eyes. There must be something about the sculpt that just needs those exotic eyes.

A big Dream of Doll/ Dream of Idol guy, looking very fine all in leather--standing up he would have towered over everyone! They are big 70 cm guys.

And a small group of dollcrazy's kids, I just recognize a Volks boy and I didn't have a chance to sit and chat with her, which is always enjoyable (she has a huge and varied collection of dolls).

These are some of the tiniest dolls, they are from Fairyland and are smaller than my thumb. I have no idea how you would string them. :D

And finally, Lt. Coppersmith got his hair beautifully braided by Akutenshi's friend Francesca, who managed to get Coppersmith's "work hair" (in contrast to his "hangover hair" that he wears around the house here)looking very fine indeed. He now needs his hat. Thank you, Francesca!

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