Guest Fish

This gorgeous merman is a Soom Vega Last Song..he's a Mecha Angel so he is huge, not even counting the long drape of his tail. "Lalyraa" belongs to JennyNemesis and recently she bought the epic wig that used to belong to Naranjita's Mecha Angel Saiph. I blame the magnificence of this wig Naranjita made on my own brief ownership of a Super Gem sized Saiph; which without this wig, the poor Saiph was terribly uninteresting. It looks like Lalyraa was born with this tangly seaweed hair, it suits his default faceup and body paint perfectly. I'm very happy he lives at JennyNemesis' house, because she takes wonderful photos of him..and he takes up the interior of an entertainment center. He is a very Large Fish.

If you are a Den of Angels Member, you can see the rest of this photoshoot here:

Lalyraa on Den of Angels


  1. He's absolutely gorgeous! Too bad dating a guy like that would only lead to a constant craving for fried fish and boiled crawdads. >.>

    1. It's true, but think of all the pearls! I've seen Lalyraa wear pants, too (he apparently had to ride the bus somewhere) and he looks Mighty Fine in them too. :D


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