Saturday, February 1, 2014

Granado "Maiden Body"

I know Ilsonya has had the news up for at least a week, but Granado has come out, partly in honor of a upcoming new member of Crocus Lee's family, and partly for a Valentine to his wife, with a new girl body. It's smaller than the Nuevo body at around 60 cm (Delf sized, more or less) and it has a couple of intriguing things about it. For one thing, the heel feet are in one piece with the leg, making ankle stability not a problem. How they are attached at the knee is another question--I sort of hope they are attached with simple S hooks and not some Volks contraptions. The mobility thigh cut is gone, which means that the leg stringing may be internal like Iplehouse instead of ending at the hip. There is a little shelf at the top of the leg (not visible in this photo, but if you go here:

Granado Main Page

you can see her in all her Not Safe For Work glory, and see the edge that will add still more to her ability to stand securely. The hands are gorgeous. It will be fun to look inside her once she starts to ship! She comes with the flat feet as well, and a choice of skin colors. The head on her is V04, a fat Delf-sized head, so even though the body is more petite, the larger heads will look fine. I think a WS Elfdoll head would look fabulous on her, and I regret selling the two I had ages ago, though I used the money for other dolls that I like. She is on sale right now for a limited period.

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