Friday, February 21, 2014

Tiny Strawberries

Akutenshi7 came over last Sunday and brought, among other wonderful things, No. 18 of Dollybird magazine, which is mostly in Japanese but also stuffed with easy to follow photos. So instead of climbing on a ladder and dealing with this:

I sat in the kitchen with a package of Das Paperclay and made these:

I was not deterred by the fact that mine looked like pretty decent asteroids for a model of the Solar System. I got out the quinacridone red and painted them with a base coat:

The color helps a lot. Encouraged, I went on to make more, plus a few ship's biscuits, one moldy with Mr. Weevil:

While they dry, I need to do some actual work, or scrape the driveway. Mr Roboto says "When will it be Spring?!"

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