Iplehouse is Overwhelmed

A hugely successful event, Christmas and a maternity leave have left the Iple shipping schedule in tatters. The faceup artist is left answering email and logging layaways. (Hint, pay off your layaway as soon as you can) Here is the Notice:


This is Iplehouse.

As always, many dolls were sold in this Christmas event.

We very appreciate your support, and would like to say “Thank you” again.

We are afraid that we need to say there will be delays as there are many orders.

We have been apologizing for this, and it is very natural that customers want to get their orders as soon as possible.

Therefore we have been saying customer “if you want to get your order soon, please order in summer which is not peak season and which has not events, but it will be hard for customers to be indifferent to events provided as a service, and also Christmas is the time when people exchange presents each other.

Then, what we can do as a best way is being fair when we ship orders.

The number of orders we need to ship is getting higher and higher, but the problem is we have our limitation in the number of process we can make in a month wise.

The whole process to make doll is complicated and it is made through many people’s hands.

Our process is like below:

1.We make products list(by order number or completed payments)

2. We re-make the lists by color.

3. For example, Monday is for normal color, and Tuesday is for peach gold color.

4. We do the first aesthetic job (grinding the surface) with the completed dolls.

5. If there is a problem in the first aesthetic job, we produce again.

6. We do the second aesthetic job

7. We look more carefully in the second aesthetic job, and if there is a problem, we reproduce it.

8. Completed doll- head part is sent to makeup team, and body part is sent to assemble team.

9. Body is processed (by washing – drying- assembling order)

10. We check head makeup and added parts together.

11. We make customer order, and COA.

12. We pack dolls and items.

13. After12, We make invoice.

14. After we send products, we write down number of invoice on order paper.

That is how we complete processing job.

We are planning to make the dolls which their payments were finished in 2013 until the middle of March.

With the dolls which their payments were finished in January of 2014, we are planning to complete them from the end of March to the beginning of April.

We wish you hopefully understood there are delays of shipment from lots of orders with the end of last year, and wish customers pay in layaway waited with more tolerance.

There are some customers we need to send E-mail to ask for payments, and time we spend on figuring out takes long.

Once again, we would like you to understand this whole situation, and we are doing our best to send your dolls as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Photo was lifted from here: http://louboutins-and-fashion.tumblr.com/