The Mysterious Akh

Somewhere in Russia, these angelic little dolls are being cast, and my friend Cat "wanty wants" one enough to go around digging through the web to find a contact. She did find the link to Ahk's Flickr, but how to order is still mysterious. Cat is already contemplating Western Union, without even knowing how much an Ahk is. :D But here is Ahk's Flickr, if you want to see more of these magical little creatures:

Akh's Flickr

And Cat, by persistence and force of will, has managed to find out the missing information about Akh:

did i tell you that the Akh person's name is Nadya? ... she got my PM over at the russian forum and i have been emailing back and forth with her. The pre-order for Aki, the female, starts this weekend. Casting is in: peach, blue, dark grey, purple, or icy white. all colors are $400. Icy white is $450. Shipping will be about another $60.

So now you know more if you would like an Akh of your own, though you may have to use Flickr's mail program to contact Nadya. But now, as of Feb 22, there is a contact email, from GermanFix on Den of Angels:

About pre-order: You can write here, this is the Akhmel's e-mail


  1. i am hot on the trail of an Akh in icy white ♥ one of these 'will' come to live in Little Cow Harbor ...


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