The Soom Super Gem Male Free Choice Event

The List is up..and it's complicated.

Here are the heads:

You can get the Chalco head, but the skull and horns only in white as in the photo:

You can get a Chrom head, no restrictions on color as long as you don't recreate the original doll (who was Normal Skin, as I recall).

You can get a Bazael head, but horns only in Creamy White:

ROFL at that wig,'s probably a collectible by now. :D

You can get the Obsidius Pointy ears head:

Then there is Arkose head, also horns just in white:

Next is the cutie pie Quartz head, who if you order you might want to get blank, as for some reason Soom has trouble painting him (he ends up too pale, IMO).

Next is Benmore, whose Pointy Ears Head really does look like this, though maybe a bit less girly:

And the kitty head of Puss in Boots

Aaand NO BIX HEAD. (I hear a lot of disappointment out there, so maybe you should write to Soom ASAP if you want the man's head.)


It's Crab Night! The old Soom Bix Body with Da Claw is available:

Bazael, with only the white wings, which are awesome--but remember Bazael was also the Man with a Thousand Toes:

Obsidius' body-- without the sword or the sword hand, and not the feather wings:

Next the Arkose Body, again only the wings in white:

The Quartz body, with those awesome feets (they will come clear transparent, not blue:

The Benmore body, which I can say from personal experience is fab--it's the new body, a gorgeous sculpt, too.(Link goes to blank leg, which is hard to see on the sales page

And then, oddly, Puss--cat chest and hands sword and no tail (!)

To find a good photo of the cat chest, I had to go to a Chinese? Flickr, here, and I found this good photo:

The rest of Puss is the new Super Gem Male body, with cat hands.

Remember that you cannot mix old body fantasy parts, or hands or feet, with the new body parts. The exception are heads, which can be swapped, but the new hands and feet have been redone and don't fit on the old bodies. The old hook hands will fit on the new bodies, and if you have an old human foot with it's old ankle ball, it should fit on the new calf. So ask questions if you are hybriding the new and old parts--it may not work.

And here is three of the four skin choice, Normal, Bronze, Cream White ...don't have any Gray. For comparison those are the Brown Tan Chalco Legs.


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