Soom Squishy Eye Sale

At last the details on the eye sale!

Dear SOOM fans, Hello~

Thank you always for your interest in our creations.^^

Our SOOM Eyes Grand Sale will be open from February 4th (Tue.) to March 2nd (Sun.) 2014 (Korea standard time).

A discount of 50% will be applied on all our SOOM silicone eyes of all sizes and items will be available in limited quantity.

Also, please note that at the end of this event, part of our SOOM eyes will be definitely discontinued after then.

*** This event includes:

- Single Dome Eyes;

- Double Dome Eyes;

- Custom Eyes.

*** It does not include:

- Acrylic Eyes;

- Glass Eyes;

- Oval Glass Eyes.

So don't miss this chance to get some SOOM eyes at a great price ! ^^

SoOm team <3