Thursday, February 13, 2014

Soom Cinderella the Fairy

For Valentine's Day, Soom has shaken open the candy box to find Cinderella, both her human form (the 65cm New Super Gem Female Body) and the Fairy version, with wings, fairy feet, and a wand AND fairy hands AND built-in glass heel slippers. Here are the fairy parts, looking much like a grown-up version of their little fairies:

Here's the Option Heel Feet:

I would be tempted (I think the head sculpt is even prettier than the photos show) but I already am full up on dolls and I bought two new valves, the services of a plumber, and a lot of copper pipe this morning when the garage cold water faucet froze and blew last night. There weren't even interesting pictures from the incident. :p

Order period is now until March 9th (Korean time) and her sales page is here:

Cinderella, human and fairy

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