Monday, February 24, 2014

More Tiny Food

Cheese, bread and strawberries...for some reason, the Das paperclay makes awesome bread. I've also got some limes, oranges and apples going here--the gray stuff will be stew meat.

I need to go to JoAnne's and see if I can find some little baskets. I need some small dishes, too--I might be able to do those with sculpey, as you can get a smoother surface with sculpey--I hate cooking it, though. The paperclay just dries, no fuss.

Also, if you like a tiny food spectacle, check out FunnyLori's tumblr for a feast!

I was able to goof around making little food because someone else dealt with the roof, and water seems to no longer be coming in:

It's Man Against Ice! The ice has filled up my poor nasturtium tub:

I took this photo partly to remember how the shadow looks--snow is just a little bit reflective, so the shadow close to the tub picks up some of the brown color of the tub, while the snow further away reflects more of the sky, and gets lighter and bluer towards the edge of the shadow. Snow is tricky stuff to paint, and a lot of fun--where I sit right now the snow outside the dining room window has a big sun highlight on it, just like the ocean has at sunset, because I am looking up a hill and the sun is relatively low in the sky. All the shadows are a very intense blue, just one shade darker than the sky.

And totally unrelated, here are some Amber forearms and hands that Kielin wanted to see. (Kielin also needs an Amber midsection, in case you have one. Possibly she needs the tail, too).

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