A Few Random Soom Photos

I decided this week, between working, that I would try to fix a myriad of small things that needed to be done on the dolls. (The weather is supposed to be cold and wet all week, so no more gardening..also, the pond has sprung a leak. Next weekend we may go look for a hard-sided liner.) Anyway, last night I fixed Coppersmith's wobbly ankles with sueding, put in the Candy Kitten's Emporium eyes, and fixed his eyelashes and wired his right hand. I reglued the magnet on Jack, the Granado Terra, and put in his Ersa Flora eyes, and took of his eyelashes entirely. Then I tried more eyes in Belle and finally swapped wigs with her and Artemisia.

Artemisia still needs to have the hook fixed in her arm, but maybe later.

Aelfric could use another coat of msc but it is too cold to spray. :p