More Pond, Odds and Ends

I worked more on the pond today, put sand in it, put bacteria in it, put chlorine extractor in it. It looks way more like a science project than a nice woodland pond right now!

I also messed around with Vermont Chick's Elfdoll Hazy; I need to make her a custom wig since none of the ones I have here really fit well. (Hazy has a small head).

Akutenshi came over and visited and brought some goodies too--a couple of SD baskets and a parasol for Artemisia, though it may get shared around--it's darling. :D

I did get a lot of housework done and some yard work as well, clearing out old stuff. Now the weatherman claims it will snow tomorrow. -.-


  1. Wow, Hazy never got to wear a crown at my house! She must be enjoying herself. She does have a smaller head--I usually had her in size 7/8 wigs. Looking good. Can't wait to see what you do with her.

    vermont chick (aka balljointedwoman)

    1. She's busy stealing money from my wallet for fancy clothes! She's such an easy size to buy for, it's really nice. I just need to make her some velvet shoes to go with the rest of her outfit!


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