Monday, April 7, 2014

Candy Kitten's Emporium, and Pond Fixing

Candy Kitten makes inexpensive eyes by hand in the UK, and if you don't mind waiting a bit, the result are very nice indeed. Not sure yet who will get them, but I will have fun trying them on various people. Aside from doll stuff, I did some yard work this weekend--I drained the pond and then J took away the old liner and I will put in a new flexible liner once I am over the flu (I kind of overdid the digging and rock hauling, but I wanted to get it done while the sun was shining.) I expected to find a gas line, or an electric cable, or the corner of the septic tank when the liner came out; but it was just a nice dirt pit, no weirdness at all. I think the previous owner may have pulled up the edges of the rigid liner because dirt was washing into the pond. I'm hoping having a flexible liner and building up the edge of the pond will do the same thing and look a lot better.

It's looking pretty rough right now:

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