The Fairy Sewing Machine

No, it's not for sewing fairies, though it might sew fairy clothing...J came home from work last night and said "There is a table thing with a sign on it (at the curb, down the street) that says "Sewing Machine." And I must say he had hardly finished saying this when I was out the door, racing down the street--and sure enough, there was a console sewing machine, a Kenmore, metal head, Made in Japan, sewing machine languishing on the curb. So I went and knocked on the door and a teenager answered the door and confirmed that "Her Mom didn't want it" and I could take it away. I gave her some money anyway, because dude, no one makes free sewing machines with machined metal parts. The machine even had a repair ticket in it from 2001 and the bobbin pit was spotless. The only thing that I needed to replace was the foot pedal and power supply, so the sewing machine really cost me 48.14 with tax and shipping. I haven't fired it up yet because I want to be sure I have the appropriate power cord and needle for it--it came with needles but they are for leather (I suspect the owner used this machine like I do the Dressmaker, for leather and denim) and I want to see if it can handle light cottons, so I need a smaller needle. But it had all the parts. And more. The fairies are very nice to me :D


  1. That is some awesome Karma! I hope the power cord works, it should, there is a huge industry in keeping those machines alive. Mostly our local repair shops get their metal parts from England, so mark that down, you're dealers will be mainly in England where the parts are still made.


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