After doing a lot of other household maintenance things yesterday, some involving Drano, I also found an old Poser .psd file and reworked it to look a little like Moth the Iplehouse Bianca. A little. It's still good exercise, and I always learn something new about Photoshop when I do these. Oddly, I learned how to basically "stroke" a if you take a selection tool like the Square, make a new layer, select a square area on it, and then go to Select>Modify>Border you get this little dialog box:

If you click "OK" it will create a selection area the size you want, and then go to Edit>Fill and it will fill the selection with the color you have in the palette box. This is how you make this shape:

So instead of a messy, hand-drawn circle here I have a 4 pixel nice neat circle border. Do it a bunch of times and you can get this:

The rectangular border was made with the pattern stamp, filling in a 20 pixel border on a new layer.

Since Photoshop has a million ways to do things, you can also stroke selections by selecting an area with any of the selection tools and the go to Edit> Stroke and choose the pixel width, and you get this:

(I also used the Magic Wand to fill in the spaces inside the selections after the borders were created.)