Doll Ears and Shoes

I'm making progress on some doll projects--Belle now has her human ears installed, though it took two bamboo skewers, a sharpie (to mark which side went down) and some blue tape to get the magnets inside her ears. Here she is without ears:

Here is the magnets being put in, nervously:

The human ears installed:

The wing ears I have not yet put magnets into (they are fragile, so I might just wrap them up and store them)

Random Belle pic:

I also got in a pair of shoes that I bought from Fa Tiao, on ebay. They are very nicely made, and huge:

It's true that Coppersmith has Delf sized feet, and it's quite possible that I had a derp moment and ordered the 70 cm version of these shoes, but I was pretty sure I clicked the SD size.

In any case, the shoes fit my Dollzone/ Doll in Mind Elf hybrid fine, as he is 70+ cm and has big feet.