Girrl Knits More Tiny Scarves

And most excellent scarves they are! This blue one went straight to Lieutenant Coppersmith, who loves that color; the second scarf (after 5 minutes of struggling) went to Consuelo Carvalho, ship's bosun (no one really wanted to argue with her, and she thinks she has a matching skirt somewhere in her sea chest-- though she hasn't seen it in months:

"Now that is what I call a proper scarf, and thankee!"

The last one is still a little up in the air; the Captain was eyeing it, though concerned that it might crush his cravats: "Very fine work indeed, though;" and the pity vote was to give it to William, who is still missing most of his clothes. He says at least he has something now...

And thank you from me too, Girrl!

Bonus: Stripey wants to see what I am doing: