Julia Cross (La Legende de Temps) New..Boy

He will be called "Red Dove" and he will be released soon.(I would totally put that head on a girl body, too). You can peek at him and more dolls on Julia Cross' Flickr here.

Also, check out this fun tarot card set by Julia as well:


  1. I thought Red Dove was a girl! Believe it or not, this is the first time i actually mistook a boy BJD for a girl BJD :P. Also, I have NO USE FOR HIM AT ALL but I still want to get him. I mean, how can I possibly resist such a perfect little face? -_-
    - Sigune

    1. Oh, I totally thought he was a girl :D And I still think he's gorgeous..but the poor boy would immediately be stuffed into flowers and poofy dresses here! (It may still happen, especially if Julia Cross just does a head order)

  2. That is a lovely sculpt! I kind of also think he might make a wonderful girl... XD;


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