Soom's Romantic Garnet

Suddenly Soom, after a pile of little things, has put up another Super Gem sized girl. She's gorgeous, of course, and on the new body; they are offering the female ball-jointed hands as an option for 140.00, and the built-in heel feet (which I suppose might be popular, I am not fond of them myself.) I already have a Garnet, and while I would love to get another New Body and the hands; the fact is that if you get one head, one faceup, and the hands you are looking at 900.00 before EMS. At the price I could get a 4-armed original gray Shiva off the MP at Den of Angels. I'm sure that reflects the actual cost of casting and preparing her, but that is too much for me personally. I wish they would do just a body event. They are doing an eye event, but the sale pages are a bit messy so it's hard to see what you are getting if you want anything besides 14mm.


  1. I thought of you immediately as soon as I saw this! :D

    1. LOL, yes, I am both glad and sad she is in NS--I love that body and head sculpt; but as usual Soom looked in my bank account, saw I was broke, and rolled out another Garnet/Vesuvia. At least she is not Bronze or Tan or I would have to read the rules on layaways.:D


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