A Goodwill Tiny Sword, a Spider, and a Vice

I had to drop off the porcelain doll from the doll show at the Goodwill, so of course we had to go in (J was not enthusiastic, so I didn't stay long). I did find this sword--it's probably some Noble Collection replica thing, it's too big for a letter opener, and the blade was a bit nicked and pitted, but it is a perfect size for a big SD doll. Also there was a bag of thread, a silk dress, some wired ribbon, and a tiny aspic mold:

All this fun for under 20 dollars! J also did some household things today--he took down the wire we have on the roof to melt snow and prevent ice dams (unlikely in June, even in Chicago), and took down the inside plexiglass on the kitchen skylight; the skylight that is over the table. About two weeks ago I looked up, and saw a spider on the inside of the glass, above it, but below the outside roof bubble, and I felt bad for it being trapped in there. Then I looked up a few minutes later and the spider was between the sandwiched layers of plexi , eating an ant, so obviously it knew it's way around. After two weeks I noticed that sometimes it was immediately above the table, upside down, still eating ants, but very much in a position where it could fall on my food or my head, so that was bothersome. So today J lifted off the glass when the spider was napping between the layers, took it outside, and tapped it until the spider scooted down into the dirt and leaves below, and replaced the plexi over the kitchen table. We are now able to eat at the table without constantly checking to see where the spider

Phidippus audax


J also worked in the shop, building something called a "Moxon Vise" onto his new workbench:

He's out fishing now, so even with a trip to the Goodwill it was a pretty good Father's Day for him. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!<3