Bun and Bun

So I have this Serenade Rabbit head that I got on the Den of Angels marketplace, under the impression that it was an SD size head. It is not. It is a mini head. I will paint it up because that part is fun; take a pic of it on my Granado Terra's body, and then send it off to Cat to do something with. If you look closely in the back you will see a little gray spot by the post. That is a real bunny:
The bunny actually came by the porch door, which was a little startling while I squinted at the resin version.
Yes, the profiles match :D I think it's a youngish bunny--they love my dandelions more than anything else, and they are welcome to them--all of them.
(Here with it's mouth stuffed with a dandelion leaf).


  1. Your garden is getting more and more fabulous, and that bunny needs a little blue jacket with gold buttons!


    1. I love summer here so much--I just wish it was a little longer! The garden looks so amazing compared to winter, when everything is underground. And yes, Peter seems to have left his jacket in a fence somewhere ;)

  2. Aw~ the bunny is sooo adorable! I can't believe you managed to catch such a clear pic of it!

    I wonder what the rabbit head will look like once it gets a body? I think Serenade generally has really tiny heads for their dolls!

    1. I will take a pic of the rabbit head on the Terra body when I get a chance! Most of the wildlife here is so used to people; this rabbit actually came to the porch door... and I was too startled to grab my camera until a moment after he had moved back out to the yard.
      This is the first Serenade head I have seen in person and it's really well done..just so small :o


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