The Adult Mesmerizing Mermaid

Haha yes, the Snip tool in Windows and the Zoom Viewer are not entirely compatible, but this is the Adult Mesmerizing Mermaid at the Spirit of Halloween... and I love it. Although Halloween is a ways off, the Spirit is a 24/7 online operation owned by Spencer Gifts, LLC, and you can "get your costume on" anytime there. This mermaid is one of their more expensive "theatrical line" outfits and considering the amount of work in this one, I think the price of 169.99 is cheap..sadly, I am pretty sure that the only sizes offered aren't going to go around my hips, and that is not an easy alteration with the complicated wrapping they have going on here. (Such a clever way to make "scales" though!)  They do have plus sizes and some of the offerings are pretty amusing, like the "sexy raccoon" My favorites, though they are short and not quite work-appropriate, are the Hello Sailor variety like this one:
That is the "Shore Thing" and it got great reviews, though they did mention tights are probably a must if you bend over. ;) I'd love a mermaid costume for Halloween, but it looks like I will have to make it myself. The SoH sells shoes, too--once they open in September I am going to go see what they have in person, because they have styles you can't get at Payless.