Mr. Ropuha's Day Out

The weather today was perfect, so I ducked out of work and went outside and weeded, watered and took out Mr. Ropuha for a small photoshoot (Since he is about toad sized, all his shoots are small ;) ).
My moss patch is now big enough to hold his table, 2 chairs and a Tokidoki Unicorno:

Although I have resisted it so far, my local nursery has a lot of Ropuha sized stuff, including a cottage:
And also some teeny ferns, finger-sized:

But so far all Arnold has is the table set, a teacup, and the moss patch-- which set flowers this week!

Here Arnold sees something:

Because I was quiet, our resident wild rabbit came out to eat clover blossoms:

Arnold went to sit with the mermaid:

And to check out the hollyhock:

And finally to have a small nap in the hydrangea:

(Giving a new meaning to "flower bed") He's fun and easy to carry around for photos, I should take him out more! He's from Whispering Grass via Jpopdolls.