The Soom 2016 Female Free Choice

Miss Farrah, Soom Ignim-- gloriously dressed in a SUScreations harem outfit, is here to say that a Soom FCE (Free Choice Event) is coming June 22. What is in it? Prince Whitemare asked and got the answer that some of them would be Gneiss, Epidia, Ignim and Cinderella; and the Sweet Witch! They were still deciding on colors. So we shall see!
*Photo courtesy of Chalyss.


  1. Wow what a nice dress! I love oriental belly dancer / harem outfits and it fits her so well with the skin colour and the light hair she looks like the finest gem out of the harem !

    1. She really does..and I love how Chalyss painted her--I never really "got" how Ignim should look until Chalyss did her face!


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