Soom Logan

OK, for Soom this is pretty different--"Logan, Shadow of Gazelle"--not the idea of a fantasy doll, but the presentation, the sculpt and the little costume details...I am really curious to see if he will stay up, because the whole "feel" of this set looks like something Impldoll Sean would create. Mind you, I love Impldoll, and I am happy to see some style diversity at Soom--but at the same time if it's Soom sort of agenting for Impldoll, I would rather send my money directly to Impl. In any case, check out the outrageous toes:
Now that is something Impldoll would totally do. Take a look at Impldoll's Vanessa:

Even Logan's outfit, with it's decorated mask, is something we have seen at Impldoll. And here is the human Logan:

Which somehow reminds me in the proportions to Impl's style, as in Martin here:

Not that any of this is bad, it's just surprising. Also Soom's hands are better than Impldoll's hands, so they have that going for them. Is it worth a 50% markup from Impldoll's prices? I have no idea.


  1. Once again, Soom comes up with a gorgeous guy (Logan) I would NOT want to dance with. Ouch those double toe nails!


    1. Hehe no, the toes are too much for dancing. I'm really interested in the new Soom male body, I wish there was a subscriber service where you could rent one for a month and try it out.:) A couple of years from now they will show up on the MP, so I gotta wait.

    2. Soom is really competing now! They know once you get your hands on one, you will buy the doll. I always liked their faces best.



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