Friday, June 24, 2016

Iplehouse Elves

Iplehouse said "What shall we do next?" and someone said "Everyone LOVES elves!" (Which is true). Grace looks awesome as an elf there on the left, though I have to laugh at the Elvish Glamor Bust. Aurora looks like she came in the first release with elf ears; she just always looks serene and elfy... and I don't recognize the cute pie on the right*.

 Elf clothes could be Mighty Tempting.
*Oh wait, that is Vera. She looks super in elf ears.

Also there is summer clothes and jewelry!

And Pamela has a suit that looks like a butterfly

Aww, Pammy, why so cute? Is it the big eyes? The potato nose? The complicated expressions? I just like this girl, especially with the slightly ratty blonde wig. You just know her life is as out of control as her hair.

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