The Cloak Finished

  As it turns out, using the netty prom fabric worked really well for a dangling trim around the neck, and not super for the trim around the bottom. It might have been faster to just embroider that pattern around the edge of the cloak, because the open weave had to be sewed down in many, many places, and loose ends wound up or covered with beads and sequins. Glitter glue dimensional paint might have been just as good and quicker, especially since the underlying fabric is a good tight weave. (You can see when it comes to dolls I think like a costumer and not a tailor ;) But it's all packed up and ready to go, and now I can finish up another commission.
   The cat helped by staying out of the way for the last bit of beading:


  1. That cloak turned out nicely!

    1. Thank you! Chalyss did the hard part of setting up the construction (and finding the tiny dress it was cut from!)<3


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