Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This Week's Random Photos

It does include a Garnet that I did a trade for, a full doll with certificate. She did need some epoxy reinforcing on a cracked shoulder on one side, and a thin one on the other, but I plan to texture and paint the shoulder caps and cover the repairs that way, once I have time.
I may have posted this one before. I just love how cranky she looks ;) Granado Fayette on a Maiden body.

My Sweet Witch Galena (the first Sweet Witch) and Deirdre's hat.

Liliana Vess looking fierce on the top shelf..with one arm taped on. >.<

The sky over Target...

And the other direction, with picturesque parking lot foreground...

And finally, a political bumper sticker sent to me by a friend:

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